I m a j i d i g i s t u d i o

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, there are always new ways to engage your audience. One of those new ways is with Augmented Reality. It’s all about providing your customers with an immersive, personalized experience that’s easy to use and accessible.

Augmented Reality Marketing enables businesses to boost their brand value and engage their audience more effectively through mobile devices.

What Is AR Card?

What is an Augmented Reality Card? Augmented Reality Cards (AR Cards) read the code on the card. On screens like smartphones, AR Cards provide a service where different 3D contents pop out of the card and are visible to the user.

The seeing-and-hearing approach is straightforward. All you have to do is use a camera (like a smartphone or a tablet) to scan the cable printed on your

AR Card using an exclusive app and software. Once we successfully read inside, we can watch 3D animations or a movie. AR Cards not only provide services to an unlimited number of people, but they also allow you to show message videos or music for your authorized partners.

Benefits of Augmented Reality (AR) For Marketing

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that has recently gained a lot of attention in the eCommerce & retail industry.

With AR, you can see how a product looks, feels, and fits without having to touch it or try it on in the comfort of your own home. AR allows brands to show off how unique their products and services are and build a stronger connection that drives conversions and sales.

Here are a few benefits of using augmented reality in your marketing strategy.

  • Promote The Brand Effectively:
  • The main goal of marketing and advertising campaigns is to promote the brand, goods, and services as much as possible. Augmented reality enhances the fun, creativity, success of these commercials, making them an effective way to boost revenue and sales.

  • Widen Market Reach:
  • Advertisements based on augmented reality have a certain charm that immediately attracts viewers in and has a positive effect. AR enables the creation of tailored marketing campaigns with specified goals. Such advertisements have a bigger audience and are easier to use.

  • Create Buzz Around The Brand:
  • While early AR implementations focused mostly on direct sales, more modern augmented reality marketing methods aim to increase brand awareness and identification. An effective augmented reality experience can generate exposure that yields long-term benefits. Companies may employ augmented reality to create meaningful, interesting experiences that will generate much-needed buzz in this competitive industry.

  • Deliver Immersive, Interactive Experiences:
  • AR marketing enables advertisers to add a personal touch to mobile apps and other materials content. For example, shoppers can scan elements at a supermarket to access an AR app and see the sale prices, discount coupons, and recommended products and combos for better decision-making.

    Augmented reality marketing also helps deliver value by offering personalized content that matches customers' unique needs.

  • Guide Purchase Decisions:
  • Marketers can use interactive, immersive AR to create engaging content and measure engagement rates. This takes the guesswork out of the process, eliminating the wasted mistakes and trial and error.

    Such a unique marketing approach is a great way to help clients make informed decisions and ultimately convert them into brand loyalists.

AR Card Game Mie Gelas x Upin Ipin by Imaji Digistudio

In our Mi Gelas x Upin Ipin collaboration, we have carefully crafted a wide variety of visual character AR card designs. These eye-catching AR cards will be shown off in Mi Gelas packaging for the duration of the campaign.

As part of this immersive experience, consumers will have the opportunity to scan these AR cards using their devices. Once scanned, these cards can be seamlessly integrated and connected within the dedicated Mi Gelas, Upin, and Ipin collection deck application.

This not only enhances the engagement level but also provides fans and consumers with a unique way to interact with and collect their favorite characters digitally.

Let's Collaborate To Create Your Own AR Card Game

It's not just about making your own AR card. It's about creating a new way to play games. It's about looking at everyday photos and videos in a new way.

If the idea doesn't come to you right away, you can create a plan that involves a product and event partnership, and an AR (technically, an AR card) from the company to show off AR card production.

You can easily create an AR card by using an application. An AR card that surprises the recipient will have a large item that catches the recipient’s eye as a gift that they won’t be able to replicate more and more.

Want to learn more about AR Cards to help you grow your business? Contact us today!